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Certainteed Certainteed - Manufacturing Certa-Com a better solution for your directional drilling needs.
EZ Hauler EZ Hauler - Self propelled all-wheel drive easement machine to carry and set poles, or to transport pad mount transformers and heavy equipment.
Kaddas Enterprises, Inc. Kaddas Enterprises - Leading the industry in raptor protection and products for animal caused outages.
Utility Solutions Utility Solutions - Designers and manufactures of tools and equipment for the 21st century linemen.
Nordic Fiberglass Nordic Fiberglass - Fabricators of quality fiberglass for the utility industry; including single and three phase box pads and a full line of fiberglass sectionalizing cabinets.
Lug-all Corporation Lugall- Quality manufacturer of strap and cable hoists. American made - hook up with lug all.
Polaris Electrical Connectors Polaris Electric Connectors - A leading manufacturer of insulated electrical connectors for the entire US market.
Crosslink Tech Crosslink Tech - Leading manufacturer polyurethane protective compounds for utilities-Pecker Patch, Pole Capper, and Blaze Fighter.
LineWise By Diversified Products Diversified - a variety of lineman tools, such as energized/static line lifters, auxiliary arms, phase lifters, temporary conductor supports, insulated work platforms and pole pullers.
Movex Innovation Movex Innovation - Specialized handling solutions for back lot line and live-line work in the power industry.
R&M Pole Line and Communications R&M Pole Line and Communications - Utility, Communication and Pole Accessories
Safety Base Ltd. Safety Base - The next generation in breakaway bases, more cost effective than traditional bases.
Primus-Sieviert Industries Primus-Sieviert Industries - Leading the way in replaceable tip, self igniting propane burners.
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