Utility Sales and Services - "Representing the Manufacturer"
Utility Sales and Services

Company History

Viking Utility Sales incorporated in 1987 by John Ulven. John Ulven has been in the utility industry for 30+ years. He started as a lineman in Minnesota and progressed through management, safety officer, and even legislative lobbyist positions during his career. John's utility experience was the driving force for structuring Viking Utility Sales to specializing in direct utility contact. This contact includes extensive use of demonstrations and assisting utilities during initial use of new products.

Viking Utility Sales is headquartered in Franktown, Colorado, with additional regional offices located in each of our sales representatives homes. Presently, we have three full-time outside salesmen and one inside support person.

His son, Tom, joined the company in April, 1997 as a second outside sales representative and took over ownership of the company in 2000.